Hi, my name is Audrey, I’m an active Kelpie.
I used to dig up the garden and bark a lot because I missed my family when they were out all day.
Mark, my Dad invented the DOY for me and straight away I loved trying to work out how to get food treats out of it.  
I play with it all day long and hardly notice my family have been away. I hope your dog likes it too.
DOY™ is a strategy toy for dogs. It makes dogs think as they try to extract the food treats.
The more they try, the more they get rewarded
DOY™ is unique in having TWO types of treats to engage your dog. The first treats are easy to smell and lick on the outside of the DOY but take effort to remove. The more your dog tries to remove these treats the more the DOY spins around releasing dry treats randomly, keeping your dog interested for longer.